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Saving 50 hours of your time
Tailored selection process
Expert recruiters hiring for your business
Skilled candidates at affordable salaries

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and all kinds of specialists who can work remotely.
Attention! We temporarily do not hire developers.

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How will you benefit from collaborating with us?
Saving your business from weeks of downtime

You can spend weeks looking for an ideal employee, or just let us help you. We release entrepreneurs from the headache of checking hundreds of resumes, listening to candidates' lies, or wasting hours on conducting ineffective interviews.
Shortening the expenditures
With us, companies spend 5000 EUR less on yearly salaries. Just per one person! Imagine hiring more than one employee with our company — how much money can you save and reinvest into your business?
Complex Smart System for recruiting
We use more than 200 search channels and test up to 500 candidates. This system helps to find the best fit in the shortest possible amount of time.
Minimization of turnover rate

A high turnover rate steals time, energy, and money. But this problem shouldn't bother you anymore. We thoroughly examine whether a candidate is suitable for long-term employment.

Awareness about all pitfalls of hiring
We focus exclusively on the positions in which we have in-depth knowledge. Thus, we know what questions to ask and what to pay special attention to. This allows us to succeed in hiring. We want to be your partner, not just a service provider.

Caring about your requirements
Whether you need a candidate with a unique working experience or knowledge of a specific foreign language, you can rely on us. We know where to find A-players individually adapted for your business.
Get the Salary estimates of Eastern European employees that will grow your business
The list of the salary expectations of more than 25 different remote professions we can hire for you
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Udalenno is the best option if you
✔️ look for an employee who will significantly increase your business performance

✔️ prefer effectiveness instead of wasting time on tasks that can be delegated to the professionals

✔️ support the idea of an international and diverse working environment

✔️ want to leverage the benefits of remote work
The examples of
the candidates we hired
Amazon Operations Manager
10 years experience as an Executive Assistant
Initial salary: 750 EUR. After 1.5 years of work in Amazon: 1100 EUR

Olga didn't have previous experience in Amazon but had a desire to learn. After 8 months in the company, she got a promotion and became a manager of one of the biggest projects. The owner of the company admits that she's one of the best employees he has ever had for the last 11 years of being an entrepreneur.

E-commerce Virtual Assistant
9 years experience as a Senior and Brand manager
Initial salary: 750 EUR. After 1 year in the company: 1000 EUR

Roman had impressive achievements working as a Senior and Brand manager in e-commerce. Also, he had a high motivation to grow professionally.
After Roman became a part of the team, our client decided to hire one more person with "Udalenno". And got a 50% discount on our services!
Graphic Designer
5 years experience in Design
Salary: 900 EUR

We hired Anastasia for an international marketing agency out of 462 other candidates. Our client admitted that her portfolio and performance on the tests were outstanding. She has been working for their agency for ten months.
Alina, Karina and Polina
Recruitment team
Alina founded Udalenno in 2019. It was the time before other companies realized that remote work has many advantages over traditional ones. She decided to call her recruitment agency Udalenno. In Russain, it means "remote, remotely".

Later Karina and Polina joined the team... And it became even more fun. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs build a team of bright and top-skilled people. The most enjoyable part of our work is to receive messages from both employees and employers after our cooperation. We are happy to know that our company made their lives better.

We also enjoy assisting candidates to find the job of their dream. Our managers improve their CVs and cover letters, and look for a suitable position.

Recruitment plans
We don't charge monthly commissions. Just one single fee for the recruitment process.
Read our contract with all the conditions here.
8,5% of the gross yearly salary of your new hire with the minimum of 650 EUR
8,5% of the yearly salary
The result: you hire an Eastern European employee without spending much of your precious time

What is included in the service?
Learn more
15% of the gross yearly salary of your new hire
  • Everything from the "Essentials"
  • +
  • Free replacement in case your new employee will leave or will be fired in the first 3 months
  • +
  • Interviewing 2 references from the previous workplaces
Learn more
Additionally, you can delegate us
checking references of the final candidate
We will do this for you:
— Set up 2 meetings with the previous managers/colleagues
— Interview them about previous experience of the candidate
— Report the results of the interviews to you
How to calculate the final fee?
The cost of our services is calculated based on the salary of the hired employee
1 month salary of the employee
Choose Udalenno's plan
The fee in € or $
How does our process look like?
Preparation for hiring
Crafting your Job description

Salary and profile advising from Eastern European HR specialist

Developing an individual recruitment process for you
Posting on job searching websites
Premium exposure: up to 3500 views of your position

Posting the job description on the different platforms: more than 200 job-seeking channels in general

Active and passive search for the candidates
Filtering candidates
Filtering up to 500 candidates

Checking their CVs and cover letters

Using your professional exam to test the candidates

Having a phone pre-interview with the ones who passed the test

Interviewing and presenting the top candidates
Interviewing the candidates using the psycholinguistic approach

Sending you the summary of pre-interviews with the top candidates
What our clients say ❤️
We're super happy with Udalenno's service! In summer 2020 we have hired a German-speaking architect from Ukraine with Udalenno. Alina found this person in one month and helped us to organize the payments for the first few months. The whole process and fees were clear. We'll definitely come back to use the service and are thinking about hiring an assistant with Udalenno.
Marc Pielke
Founder of Homaris
It is hard to find yourself a superstar employee when you are running the company yourself. Alina did all the work and kept me updated with what was going on in the hiring process. Everything was professionally communicated and the results have been amazing. I have used this service 2x now, and I am very happy with how detailed Alina was in choosing the best candidate for my business.
Saihara Ali
Co-founder of GK Beauty Group
Udalenno performed very professionally trying to understand my preferences and demands regarding the perfect candidate. They created the job posting, filtered all the potential candidates, took care of the interview and test processes, and managed to find someone who became a decent part of our team.
Victoria Singh
Founder of Baebrow
It was a total game-changer when I was able to grow a team from one employee to have 10 people. The idea is to slowly get out of the business yourself to work ON the business, not IN the business. It can help to design the business and expand.
Matteo Lombardi
E-commerce expert
We have used this company to hire our last 2 employees. One of these employees has been our best one since we hired him. And we expect him to be with us for a very long time, as he has made a wonderful addition to our team. The other employee, unfortunately, did not work out, but Udalenno worked with us to rectify the situation and took responsibility, which we really appreciated. Finding good long-term employees and working through the ones that don't work out is more than you can ask for in a company like this.
Matthew Jaffe
E-Commerce Entrepreneur
Best investment I've ever made!
Shawn Hussain
Investor, co-founder of Amazon Growth experts
Frequently Asked Questions
What countries do you hire in?
Russia, Ukraine, Poland and CIS countries like Belorussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan.
Is there any difference between a freelancer and a remote employee?
Yes, there's a difference. When you hire a remote employee you are expected to cover some basic benefits. The most frequent ones are paid vacation and taxes in their country of residence. But there is good news! These expenditures are a way lower in Eastern Europe than in many others countries. Check out our blog post for more info.
Why should I hire a full-time employee instead of a freelancer?
Part-time workers and freelancers often lack commitment and focus on their work. They almost always don't feel affiliated with the company and don't want to contribute to the employer-employee relationship. In the contrast, full-time workers are more concerned with increasing KPI on a long-term basis. That's why we are exclusively focusing on regular employees.
Will hiring process take a lot of time?
Absolutely not. On the opposite, it will save from 30 to 45 hours of your time. We will design a timetable of the process, so you can always check where we are now and how the process is going.
What if I need a candidate who speaks my native language?
Our candidates usually speak Russian, English, and some other European languages. Share with us your requirements, and we will select a person who meets them. For example, we have recently hired a German-speaking engineer for a remote company in Germany. So everything is negotiable!
What are the salaries in Eastern Europe?
The salary varies depending on the hard skills, languages, and experience needed. For example, a VA with intermediate English for data entering will have a salary of 600 EUR. And graphic designer with a great portfolio will be around 900-1200 EUR.
Can I get an invoice?
Absolutely! We'll send you an invoice straight after signing a contract.
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