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Why Eastern European employees rock

What are the advantages?
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Loyal and Trustworthy Employees
Establishing loyal relationships with employers is a tradition in Eastern Europe. Thus, you can trust people you hire there.
Convenient Time Zones
Eastern Europe is close to the Central European Time Zone. It allows establishing convenient real-time communication with employees. Also, most workers are ready to adapt to the timetable: to work in the evenings or early mornings if needed.
Large Talent Pool
Remote work in an international company is very desirable for Eastern Europeans. That means tough competition between top-skilled specialists for a position. It allows you to set a high bar for professionalism and language proficiency.
Low Living Costs
You don't have to worry about underpaying your employees. The cost of living and salary expectations in Eastern Europe is way cheaper than in the EU or the US. On average, our clients save 5000 EUR on yearly wages.
Low Tax Rates
Taxes in Eastern Europe are relatively low, especially in comparison with the EU and the US – only 6%.
Strong and Stable Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi connection is pretty cheap and stable. Therefore, you won't experience any troubles due to the technical issues.
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