10 benefits you can provide your remote employees with

Quite often modern employees choose benefits over a better salary. Here are some ideas you can implement into your company

During the last decade, the trend of remote working has exploded among working professionals. With the development of technology, it is now possible to work from anywhere in the world. However, at home, your workers will be subjected to many more distractions than they are at the workplace. It might be difficult for them to stay interested at times. Employers must consider this if they want to retain their employees who work from home engaged and pleased.
cost of health insurance for employees
We often hear from our clients the following question:
What benefits I can provide for my remote workers to keep them motivated?
Nick, Owner of Digital Marketing Agency
To answer this question Udalenno's team has asked a group of remote business owners to share their experiences. Here are some ideas that might help you to keep your workers motivated.
1) Proper vacations
In the sense of vacations remote workers are no different from in-office employees. Normally, workers are given 24 days of paid vacation (2 days per month).
2) Maternity leave
It's very important for families that companies provide them with maternity leaves. The length of maternity leave varies by country. Usually, it lasts about 4 months. Udalenno's clients always give it to female employees and sometimes to male as well, depending on the situation in the family. For example, if the wife of a male employee got a maternity leave already the male employee doesn't get it, if they share it then he gets 2 months.
3) Medical insurance
The successful performance of your employees directly depends on their state of health. Make sure, you offer your workers medical insurance! From our experience, for Eastern Europe, cost of health insurance for employees is about 400 EUR per year. If needed, let your workers take sick leave.
4) Taxes payments
The amount of tax payments depends on the country's law. For instance, in Russia if the person is an individual entrepreneur, it will be 6% + 40 EUR for social security; if the person is self-employed, it will be 6% depending on where his money comes from. In Kazakhstan taxes are 20%. In Ukraine, it will be 5-6% depending on the income.
5) Paid national holidays
Give them around 13 days for national holidays (each country has different holidays, so instead of tracking each holiday, you can give them about 13 days off and they can use it as they want).
6) Paying currency transfer fee
When transferring money from one currency to another, you may be asked to pay commission. Makes sure you have it covered and don't cut it from the salary of your employees.
7) Covering equipment costs
If your remote workers need some special equipment, don't make them buy it at their own expense. Provide them with all the essential gadgets they need for good work performance. Like that your team will feel appreciated and will put much more effort into achieving outstanding results.
8) Providing bonuses
No matter if the person works from home or the office, the clear bonus system motivates him/her to work hard.
9) Covering gym expenses
Sitting the whole day in front of the computer causes several health issues. By providing your employees with gym subscriptions you show them your care. As a result, employees are likely to show more dedication to work.
10) Subscription Benefits
It's one of the most valuable perks for your remote workers. Services like as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others now provide everyone a terrific opportunity to unwind with some fantastic material to binge-watch. Not only that, but you may also get your worker's magazine subscriptions, access to paid internet forums, and other things.
maternity leave by country
While selecting benefits for remote workers, you must be certain of how you will deliver them. Furthermore, these perks must be both effective and adaptable, allowing your employees to pick and select what they desire.

As remote work becomes a more common and widespread phenomenon of our life, more remote employees are needed. We know that sometimes the hiring process might be long and tedious for business owners. That is why Udalenno's team of professionals is always ready to assist you in hiring perfect and trustworthy employees.
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