We take care of your hiring from A to Z
Source up to 500 candidates depending on the position
Test, filter and interview them

Negotiate salary in a way that saves you 5000+ EUR

How does Udalenno work

Get the Salary estimates of Eastern European employees that will grow your business
The list of the salary expectations of more than 25 different remote professions we can hire for you
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Crafting Your Job Proposal
Yes, we mean crafting. You need to inform the job seekers about the vacant position properly. It's the only way to attract the right candidates.
Not all candidates that you may find are the best fit. To increase the possibility of success, we filter up to 500 people. At this point, our team removes the non-qualified applicants.
CVs are just about scratching the surface. We go much deeper. Together we develop a set of questions and a special test. We design them in a way that selects the most professional and motivated candidates.
Your time is valuable, so we will pre-interview the applicants when needed. Then we filter the candidates again and invite the best ones for the final interview with you.
No one knows your staff and business better than you. To leverage the process, we will provide you with some guidelines on making a list of interview questions.
Hire The Best
At this point, you select from the proposed candidates and make your final choice. Further actions are up to you! Give your new employee the training and enjoy this great asset to your business :)
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