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  • Build a bright team even from scratch
    You have just launched a start-up and are ready to run the world... But you lack the right people to make it work? Once we've increased the number of full-time employees from 1 to 20 in our client's company. And we're ready to do this again!
  • Relieve you from noise
    We know how it feels when you have tenths or hundreds of candidates for a specific position. Search, tests, interviews, uncertainty... Delegate this work to us and focus on the core processes of your business instead.
  • Save your budgets from heavy tax burdens
    We look for top candidates in Eastern Europe. Why? It is an efficient option of hiring an A-player. Comparing to the US or EU, taxes are way lower there: only 6%.
  • Avoid downtimes of your business
    A position requires high responsibility and should be closed ASAP. However, it seems that there is no person who fulfills the requirements. We will look for the best fit in nearly 200 channels and significantly reduce the search time.
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