Why should I hire people form Eastern Europe?

Reasons for hiring staff in Eastern Europe

As a lot of businesses nowadays are running their processes remotely, they are hiring employees in the same way. Hence, hiring remotely is becoming a popular trend among employers. But the most important question is:
What countries should I hire staff from?
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Of course, "Udalenno" has an answer to this question. You should hire in Eastern Europe. For some employers, it doesn't seem like an obvious answer. But there are numerous reasons why you should do this. The most significant are:
Level of education
Nowadays specialists in various fields from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are in high demand in the USA and Western Europe. This is due to the fact that Easter European countries have strong educational systems and talented students. As University education is available for everyone, a lot of young and active people graduate from various specialties with outstanding knowledge of the subject. Universities constantly motivate students to achieve the best results. As a result, there are a lot of well-qualified specialists eager to apply their knowledge in practice.
English proficiency
You would not think that Russians and Eastern Europeans are great English speakers. But you can't imagine what kind of people you can find among 220 million population of the countries where we hire. Nowadays more and more people in Eastern Europe speak English. Studying English is mandatory in all schools in Russia. Kids start learning English at the age of 7, so by the time they finish University they speak it quite confidently. The same happens in other countries of Eastern Europe. Because English is widely spoken there, you may expect efficient and successful collaborations with your team members.
Time zone
Running an international company means having team members from different countries. Currently, the majority of companies outsource either to Eastern Europe or Asia. What you should consider while choosing where to hire are the country's time zones. Obviously, you have online meetings from time to time. But how to set the time which will be comfortable for everyone? As for Wester European companies, the time difference between them and Eastern Europe is just 1-2 hours. As for American organizations, the time lap can be 6-8 hours, which is a lot. However, it's still better than the difference between America and Asia, which can be up to 12 hours. Moreover, some American companies just need 1-2 hours of overlap with their employees. Hence, Eastern European time zone allows having crossovers as for teams from the USA, so for Western Europe.
Work ethics
Hiring Easter European jobseekers also mean having a cultural overlap. It is simpler to reach an initial understanding and drive results when there is a cultural affinity, shared language, and a direct manner of communication. Eastern Europeans understand the work ethics importance. From our experience, we can characterize them as trustworthy, hard-working, reliable, honest, fast-learning, creative and determined. Therefore, these workers can be a valuable addition to your team.
Stable internet
A good internet connection is crucial for successful remote work. The better the employee's internet connection, the better your communication is. Luckily, you will never experience problems with internet connections in Eastern Europe. Natural disasters that can disrupt the connection happen extremely seldom here, hence, you can be sure that your employees will always be online.
Cost of living
It is a well-known fact that the cost of living in Eastern Europe is lower than in Western Europe. For instance, you can rent a big apartment in the city center of Saint Petersburg just for 600$. One way ticket for public transport in Kiyv costs 0,27$. Along with the low cost of living in these countries, the average salaries are also lowered than in Western Europe. Even if hiring in Eastern Europe can save you up to 50% of your costs, make sure you never underpay your employees. Your team needs to feel appreciated.
Hiring remotely
Considering all of the above, there are no doubts left that the Eastern European labor market offers a lot of high-quality employees. They can provide you with outstanding work for a relatively low cost. Udalenno's team has already hired numerous Eastern European workers and ready to help you find a perfect fit for your company.
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